Paul Olsen Denver & Company Broker Group: Maximize the Sale Price

When the time comes for business owners to sell their business, they need to do everything in their power to maximize the sale price. The experts at Company Broker Group hold informational seminars for Denver-area business owners to help familiarize them with some of the critical issues. Company Broker Group is a business broker that specializes in selling Denver businesses.

Paul Osen Denver

Those owners who want to sell their Denver businesses should want not just the highest price and the strongest buyer; they should also want to sell quickly and quietly. Keeping quiet about an impending sale is important because news that a business is on the auction block can lead to negative reactions by customers, creditors, and employees. The seminars provide strategies for keeping the sale one hundred percent confidential.

Owners must establish what their business is worth, create an exit strategy, and decide whether they need a broker, a consultant, a CPA or an attorney to prepare for a sale or transfer.

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Paul Olsen Denver: Earning More Clients

Paul Olsen of Denver has spent the last 25 years living and working in Denver, most recently for Company Broker Group, a business that assists business owners in buying and selling businesses. Olsen has been earning more clients for this business for years with his dedication to their interests and his excellent communication skills. Olsen helped the company grow over the years by bringing in clients and working well with the high-powered small business owners he helps as well. Olsen has built a reputation for being a man even the most demanding clients can work for when they need a finance expert to handle their transition.

Paul Olsen Denver has lived in Colorado for 25 years, having moved there in 1990 from upstate New York, where he attended SUNY Oswego. Olsen took his Bachelor’s Degree and moved West, hoping to get a graduate degree. He graduated from Colorado University in Boulder, about thirty miles from Denver. Olsen felt himself being drawn to the mountains and the people of Denver, who wanted to put their city on the map. The energy drew Olsen to Denver proper, where he started working for Company Broker Group, drawing up contracts for clients trying to sell their businesses. Olsen quickly became known for his robust knowledge of not only the law surrounding company transitions but also the tax rates sellers are forced to pay. Olsen helps his clients prepare to sell their companies in order to stay away from large tax penalties and other pitfalls.

Paul Olsen of Denver works with a team of several financial experts at Company Broker Group, all responsible for helping companies with over $1 million in annual gross profits sell their ownership and transition without facing stiff tax penalties or even interruptions in service. Olsen has worked for many years cultivating his service to handle mid-sized businesses within his community. He has formed relationships with many successful businessmen and women in the Denver area, creating a network he can use to help his clients and his company. A lover of the outdoors, Olsen says that he never wants to move from Denver, where he can happily ski, hike, and backpack in the mountains with his family. Olsen moved to Denver before the recent tech and energy boom of the past ten years, and he says that the energy in Denver right now is different from anything he has ever felt. Olsen hopes to work for Company Broker Group for another 25 years if he can, bringing business transition solutions to Denver’s business community.

Paul Olsen Denver believes in his abilities and the abilities of his company and team to get every transition job done the right way every time. He markets himself and the company as encyclopedias of knowledge of the business transition process and how to make it smoother and more profitable for the seller and the buyer. Olsen tries to help businesses when their owners are ready to realize the dream they have been working so hard to nurture the entire time they owned their business.

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Paul Olsen Denver Says Customers First

The old saying, “the customer is always right,” perfectly sums up what all businesses should strive for in their daily operations. A business is only successful if it constantly helps its customers get what they need. Customers should also be happy to handle their affairs with the business and all of its representatives. Often times, one unfortunate interaction or experience can make a customer not want to deal with a brand or business again. Companies cannot afford to displease too many customers over its history, or they will find themselves without a client base for future expansion and continued success. All businesses have to be able to increase their market share and their profits each year to survive. Small businesses are especially dependent on extremely pleased customers for their livelihood. Creating new opportunities is all about keeping the customers you have happy so that you can work on earning their business and the business of other clients all over again.

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Throughout the business world, many companies have tried to please their clients and customers in various ways. Some businesses have developed systems of keeping their clients happy, and many other companies have tried to emulate these companies. As the business world continues to evolve, customer service still remains a top priority for most companies.

Paul Olsen Denver has spent the last 25 years in Denver advising businesses on many different operations, including how to run more efficiently, how to keep better books, and how to buy and sell businesses easily and smoothly.

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Paul Olsen Denver: Experienced Business Advisor

Businesses have to spend money to make money. Analysts call this investing. The best investments get the most returns on their initial payments. Businesses invest in anything that could get them short and long term profits and keep them afloat. Some spend their investment dollars on advertising, in an effort to drum up business and increase the company’s visibility in certain markets. Businesses know who they’re trying to sell to. They know who’s buying their products or services, and who they would like to be their prime customers. Some businesses have to invest their gross incomes into finding this information.

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Business executives, usually the Chief Financial Officer or the Chief Operations Officer, have to analyze the risk and possible reward of all of their investments in whatever they choose to pour their investments in. The business as a whole depends on high returns from all of these investments, and all potential risks have to be weighed against the cost of each investment. Businesses grow by making the most out of all of their costs, turning a profit depends on spending money wisely, by hiring excellent employees, finding ways to keep production running, and more. Businesses that are able to invest wisely have higher values in the open market.

Paul Olsen Denver helps business executives buy, sell, and transfer their company holdings by focusing on finding the most value for their businesses. He always tries to maximize the profit for the business holder, while minimizing the taxes he or she will have to pay.

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Paul Olsen Announces Company Broker Group Mergers and Acquisitions Department in Denver

Paul Olsen announced in Denver that his company, Company Broker Group will devote a semi-independent department to mergers and acquisitions legal counseling for mid-sized companies. Paul Olsen Denver has been a broker and legal advisor for businesses in the Denver area. Part of Olsen’s job is to make sure that all of his clients can quickly and quietly sell their businesses so that they can get the best prices for their companies that they worked years to create. Olsen and the Company Broker Group have created value for many clients throughout the Denver metro area. Olsen has helped his clients through many different difficult transitions in the past, and he hopes to continue for many more years.

Paul Olsen Denver created a new department for mergers and acquisitions so that clients could get the help they need from a specialized team of professionals that have specific experience in company mergers and acquisitions. This discipline requires special experience because it can be extremely complex, especially when figuring taxes and transfers of leadership. Mergers and acquisitions can also become complex when employees and business leaders are involved. Olsen says that this department will focus on navigating the convoluted avenues of mergers and acquisitions with its members’ excellent experience and knowledge of corporate law.

As Paul Olsen of Denver creates new ways for his clients to get the service they need, he has opened the door for many more businesses in the Denver metro area to create value for themselves. Mergers and acquisitions can be the most difficult of leadership transitions, and Olsen, as well as the entire leadership staff at Company Broker Group, think that the company can provide the business world with the services they need to handle some of the most difficult merger and acquisition transitions. Olsen says this dedicated staff will handle all of their own clients on an individual basis, and that their services will be offered to clients at the same rates as before.

Paul Olsen grew up in upstate New York and moved to Denver in 1990. Paul Olsen Denver wants his company to grow along with the rest of the business community in the Denver metro area. Olsen says that the city has been booming for the past ten years because of new economic opportunities because of the tech industry and energy companies. Olsen says this boom is emblematic of Denver as an enterprising place where businesses can thrive. Paul Olsen Denver says that he hopes that his company will help foster the growth of the business community throughout the area.

As Company Broker Group continues to grow and offer excellent services to all of its clients and other businesses throughout the Denver area, Paul Olsen of Denver says he is ready to help the company grow and acquire more clients. Olsen says that his new department will ease the strain that many businesses deal with when they merge or acquire other companies. Olsen and his company work to secure the best deals for their clients and offer their services to many more new clients.

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Company Broker Group: Creating a Bidding War

Company Broker Group is a Denver-based business brokerage that specializes in helping business owners get a clear understanding of the selling process, and of maximizing the value of their businesses.

Business buyers, says company owner Paul Olsen Denver, usually know more about, and are better at, buying businesses than are business sellers. So sellers need to prepare themselves when the time comes to put their business up for sale. “Most people who consider selling their business want three things,” he says. “They want the highest price and to close as soon as possible; they want the best terms they can get on all deal points, and an experienced buyer – they want a buyer with energy and whose background closely matches the skillset needed to run their company.”

Herb Rempel owned a business called Beneath Your Feet, Inc, and says when he contracted with Paul Olsen and Company Broker sell his company, they were able to create a bidding war. “I had buyers in my office that were more than qualified,” he says today. “I had three buyers at the very end that wanted my business. We had to pick and choose from that situation, which was a delight. A little bit nerve-wracking, but it was a delight to have people that were so interested, and so qualified, that it was really a great experience.”

He says that the skill and experience of Paul Olsen and Company Broker Group was obvious. “How he presented my company to clients — he was so professional. And in result, I sold my business for more than what I thought. Paul gave me the ranges that he felt, from my books, and the financials, that I would receive, and it worked. And actually, the truth of it is that I received fifteen percent more, because of the buyer frenzy at the very end, from very qualified buyers.”

David Lustrum was the owner of three UPS stores in Colorado when he decided to sell. He says that he had experience in selling other businesses, but in this case needed some help. “I have sold businesses before in the past, but in this particular instance I felt it was good to find a broker. And in doing so I found a broker that was very quick to respond to me, which was one of the key things that I liked.”

That brokerage was Paul Olsen’s Company Broker Group. “One of the things that I liked immediately was that he had great, immediate interest in the thing. One of the biggest things that Paul’s done is package the stores for everyone via video. I think it was very useful and informative. It cuts down on a lot of the questions, and a lot of the kicking of the tires, because we covered pretty much the whole world of our deal very quickly, and it was something that somebody could take a look at and it would answer a lot of questions.”

AS business brokers and Mergers and Acquisitions professionals, the purpose of Company Broker Group is to sell a client’s business quickly and quietly, and for the maximum sale price. And they have built an impressive track record of success.

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Paul Olsen Denver: Finding the Best Value for All

Paul Olsen Denver is an owner of the business brokerage firm Company Broker Group in Denver. Olsen has many years of experience in finance and business, earning a Bachelor’s Degree at SUNY Oswego near his home in upstate New York, and a Master’s degree from Colorado University in Boulder, near Denver, where he lives now. Olsen helps business owners sell their businesses and transfer powers from themselves to their family members or another heir to the company. Paul Olsen Denver handles major business sell-offs in the Denver area, an area that has long been building momentum as one of the fast-growing urban areas in the country. The reason that business is booming in Denver and the surrounding area is because of the energy boom. Natural gas and oil are plentiful in the former ancient seabed that was the natural habitat for many different species of dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago. Another factor in Denver’s rise to prominence and Olsen’s continued success within the business community in Denver is the inextinguishable spirit of the citizens of Denver that has led them to build their own businesses and community over the years. Paul Olsen says that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the fertile grounds for business in Denver.

Paul Olsen of Denver and his team handle small and mid-size businesses that report an annual gross profit figure of $1 million or more. Olsen got to his position as part owner of the company through his immense list of contacts and his willingness to work with customers to find them the best value for their businesses. Paul Olsen Denver loves his work because he gets to help reward hard-working business owners for their years of dedication and devotion to their local businesses that helped stimulate and sustain the economic boom Denver has experienced over the past fifteen to twenty years. Olsen moved to Denver at the right time, in 1990, when the economy was rising nationally, and Denver began to boom as an urban center with economic viability. Through investments in the tech sector and the natural gas and oil boom in more recent years, Paul Olsen has watched Denver grow into the place millennials are flocking to today for more economic opportunity more than ever before.

Paul Olsen of Denver has seen his adoptive town grow and mature into the budding metropolis is today, and he has helped many businesses realize their true value within this local marketplace. Olsen relishes his work and his team for all of their efforts to help businesses move freely throughout the Denver area. Throughout his career, Olsen has made it a point of emphasis to put the client first, embracing a friendly but serious, cost-effective approach for all of his clients in their time of need. He sees all of his clients as needing to find the best value for their companies that they poured so much of their blood, sweat, and tears into for years. Paul Olsen hopes that he can live and work in Denver for many more years to come.

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