Paul Olsen Denver: Experienced Business Broker

Paul Olsen says that his Denver-based Company Broker Group specializes in selling businesses quickly and quietly. Since 2003, they have assisted in the sale of more than 250 businesses across dozens of industries.

Their experience as business brokers has taught them three important lessons: most business owners who are ready to sell their businesses want to get the most money possible from the sale, and to close the deal as quickly as possible. They want to get the most favorable terms they can on all points of the deal. And they want to sell to an experienced buyer with who has the right skills and background to keep running the businesses, during the transition to new ownership and beyond.

Company Broker Group has the background and training to make all three of these points a reality. They have represented business owners across the spectrum: from construction and manufacturing, to technology and e-commerce, and just about everything else in between. Owner Paul Olsen says that they are the only business brokerage to use a proprietary approach as they prepare and present a business to potential buyers. They create their own videos that showcase the business for sale, and detail all aspects of the deal. The videos are accessed by potential buyers remotely, so that they become familiar with the offering without having to physically visit the business. This, says Paul Olsen, has proven to be an extremely effective technique. Other brokers may only sell one or two of every five businesses that they put on the market. But Company Broker Group has sold about eight out of every ten that they bring to market.

“We try to create value for our customers in every transaction,” Paul Olsen says. “This typically creates a higher sales price and better terms” for their clients, and is one of the reasons that Company Broker Group has become the premier business brokerage in Colorado.


About Paul Olsen Denver

Paul Olsen Denver is a talented and qualified business broker currently the owner of Company Broker Group LLC located in Colorado. He specializes in selling business quickly, confidentially, and to buyers who are genuinely interested in the business opportunity. Paul Olsen doesn't let his clients sell their businesses to buyers who are simply looking for a good deal. He has helped hundreds of clients sell their business for approximately 20 percent above the original listing price on average.
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