Paul Olsen Denver: Earning More Clients

Paul Olsen of Denver has spent the last 25 years living and working in Denver, most recently for Company Broker Group, a business that assists business owners in buying and selling businesses. Olsen has been earning more clients for this business for years with his dedication to their interests and his excellent communication skills. Olsen helped the company grow over the years by bringing in clients and working well with the high-powered small business owners he helps as well. Olsen has built a reputation for being a man even the most demanding clients can work for when they need a finance expert to handle their transition.

Paul Olsen Denver has lived in Colorado for 25 years, having moved there in 1990 from upstate New York, where he attended SUNY Oswego. Olsen took his Bachelor’s Degree and moved West, hoping to get a graduate degree. He graduated from Colorado University in Boulder, about thirty miles from Denver. Olsen felt himself being drawn to the mountains and the people of Denver, who wanted to put their city on the map. The energy drew Olsen to Denver proper, where he started working for Company Broker Group, drawing up contracts for clients trying to sell their businesses. Olsen quickly became known for his robust knowledge of not only the law surrounding company transitions but also the tax rates sellers are forced to pay. Olsen helps his clients prepare to sell their companies in order to stay away from large tax penalties and other pitfalls.

Paul Olsen of Denver works with a team of several financial experts at Company Broker Group, all responsible for helping companies with over $1 million in annual gross profits sell their ownership and transition without facing stiff tax penalties or even interruptions in service. Olsen has worked for many years cultivating his service to handle mid-sized businesses within his community. He has formed relationships with many successful businessmen and women in the Denver area, creating a network he can use to help his clients and his company. A lover of the outdoors, Olsen says that he never wants to move from Denver, where he can happily ski, hike, and backpack in the mountains with his family. Olsen moved to Denver before the recent tech and energy boom of the past ten years, and he says that the energy in Denver right now is different from anything he has ever felt. Olsen hopes to work for Company Broker Group for another 25 years if he can, bringing business transition solutions to Denver’s business community.

Paul Olsen Denver believes in his abilities and the abilities of his company and team to get every transition job done the right way every time. He markets himself and the company as encyclopedias of knowledge of the business transition process and how to make it smoother and more profitable for the seller and the buyer. Olsen tries to help businesses when their owners are ready to realize the dream they have been working so hard to nurture the entire time they owned their business.

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About Paul Olsen Denver

Paul Olsen Denver is a talented and qualified business broker currently the owner of Company Broker Group LLC located in Colorado. He specializes in selling business quickly, confidentially, and to buyers who are genuinely interested in the business opportunity. Paul Olsen doesn't let his clients sell their businesses to buyers who are simply looking for a good deal. He has helped hundreds of clients sell their business for approximately 20 percent above the original listing price on average.
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