Paul Olsen Denver – Specialist Business Broker

Paul Olsen of Denver and the Company Broker Group are a team of business specialists who focus on helping business owners sell their companies as well as helping the buyers gain an efficient business at a reasonable rate. And with a projected cash flow of $950,000 on $6.3 million for both businesses total, it is a sale that any buyers should seriously consider, should they be willing and able to commit to the down payment and the fulfillment of the $1.5 million payment that comes after the sale.

And with $3 million down, the buyer inherits both companies, which total roughly $2.8 million in assets combined, making it a practically debt-free transaction into business. In the South Denver Metro area, Company Broker Group offers a Plastics Recycling Company as well as a Plastics Manufacturing Company that both reside under the same roof. But with the cash flows and growth of both of these companies, that should be a simple task to accomplish.

As of November, Paul Olsen Denver have had an especially fruitful offering on the table, including two growing business under the same roof being sold for a single price. The company also holds about $2.2 million in various debts on the balance sheet, which the buyer will have to inherit and manage. They can be reached at their home office, which is located at 999 18th St Suite 3000, Denver, CO 80202. Their phone number is 303-382-1900 and their fax number is 815-301-3483.


About Paul Olsen Denver

Paul Olsen Denver is a talented and qualified business broker currently the owner of Company Broker Group LLC located in Colorado. He specializes in selling business quickly, confidentially, and to buyers who are genuinely interested in the business opportunity. Paul Olsen doesn't let his clients sell their businesses to buyers who are simply looking for a good deal. He has helped hundreds of clients sell their business for approximately 20 percent above the original listing price on average.
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