Paul Olsen Denver – A Veteran Business Seller

Professional business broker and Company Broker Group owner Paul Olsen is a local leader in structuring transactions and selling Colorado-based businesses. A veteran of the business selling industry, Olsen continues to offer small to mid-market business sellers the highest level of expertise and quality resources in business sales involving a wide variety of industries.

Paul Olsen Denver has extensive experience in business ownership, meaning he knows what is most important to every business owner, particularly when it comes to selling their business. A professional business broker for many years, Olsen has been a part of over 200 successful business transactions throughout his career, and is proud to be both a strong advocate and aggressive negotiator for every client he has the opportunity to serve. His ultimate goal is to seek out the best deal possible at the negotiation table, and to be the best representative possible for every business owner.

Paul Olsen Denver

As the head of Company Broker Group, Paul Olsen is proud to be the leader of a qualified and experienced team of successful business brokers and professional associates; people that have provided him invaluable assistance in the completion of numerous business transactions for more than a decade. He is also proud to have conducted over 200 educational seminars across the Colorado Front Range over the past two decades, providing important information and insight to many on a variety of business topics.

Olsen has lived in Colorado for 25 years, and has acquired the extensive knowledge and expertise of the Colorado marketplace needed to ensure his clients receive the best business selling services possible.

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About Paul Olsen Denver

Paul Olsen Denver is a talented and qualified business broker currently the owner of Company Broker Group LLC located in Colorado. He specializes in selling business quickly, confidentially, and to buyers who are genuinely interested in the business opportunity. Paul Olsen doesn't let his clients sell their businesses to buyers who are simply looking for a good deal. He has helped hundreds of clients sell their business for approximately 20 percent above the original listing price on average.
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